A new visual short project, A World Inside. With the exception of five quick establishing shots captured with an aerial drone, the project was shot entirely on an iPhone, using the FilmicPro app, a Steadicam Smoothee, and OlloClip lenses. Head on over to the Facbook Page and watch the short.


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Creative nuggets from the Apples & Oranges project - the new single, "I'm Sorry." Video, album, iTunes links and more at the A&O site.

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"What if you expressed your innermost thoughts during a job interview?"

I directed, adapted, edited, scored, etc., etc. the short film, A Monk Jumped Over a Wall, to help create a buzz for author Jay Nussbaum's novel of the same name, and it wound up as an official selection of the Amelia Island Film Festival - congrats to our creative team!

In less than seven months, AMJOW generated 100,000 combined hits on YouTube and other web video sharing sites. This little viral video experiment in book marketing was also profiled in blogs and major news outlets, including Newsday, WebVideoReport, and Pow! Right Between The Eyes.

For those interested in creating short films, AmateurHomeTheater.com interviewed me about the AMJOW production.


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